• If I do not see the cloud LED lit up constantly, what does that mean?
  • If the Cloud LED is not constantly on meaning it is not able to get access to the internet. When it get access to the internet, the LED light will be constantly lit on.
  • I can't hear the Gateway Controller's beep indications. What should I do?
  • The problem may be that Gateway Controller is too far away from the where you are. It could also be a problem with the Gateway Controller's speaker. To test this, plug in the Gateway Controller in the main room and see if you can hear the prompts.


  • What type of batteries are required for the sensors and devices?
  • Door Sensors - CR2032 x1
    Motion Sensor - CR123A x 2
    Smoke Detector - CR2032 x1
  • Failed to add device, setup is not successful
  • Please check the following:
    1) Make sure the device is powered (if it is battery powered please replace the battery).
    2) Device work best around gateway, make sure it's within adequate proximity.
    3) Make sure this device hasn't been add to App yet, if need to re-add the device, please go to Device List > tap the device you want to re-add > Device Information > Delete this device
    4) Please try adding the device again.
  • How do I rename a device?
  • If you wish to rename the Devices, simply launch the Smart Life app and Tap Devices List

    > Select the device you wish to rename.
    > Tap and edit the PEN icon at the top right.

    Rename the device to something that better fits where your device is installed, i.e., "Front Door", "Living Room", "Kitchen Window". This helps in noticing when the push notification arrives, the user immediately knows what the event is about and where.

  • How do I know if the battery-powered device's running out of battery?
  • The battery-powered device box on Device List page will turn yellow when is in low battery status.
  • Should I put the Door Sensors on the top or side of the door?
  • When installing the Door Sensors, either placement is fine as long as the magnet is within 2 inches of the Sensor when the door is closed and greater than 2 inches away from the Sensor when the door is open.
  • Which windows and doors should I put my Door Sensors on?
  • We recommend that you place your Door Sensor on all doors and windows that could be accessible to an intruder.
  • How to remove connected device.
  • 1. Please go to Device List, tap the device you want to remove.
    2. Scroll down Device Information
    3. Tap Delete this Device.


  • How do the Arm all, Arm partial, Disarm, and Emergency modes work?
  • Arm all - All Sensors are activated when the system is set to Arm all mode.
    Arm partial – Use Arm partial mode when you only need certain sensors to be active. Click here for steps of < plan your Alert Zone >.
    Disarm - When Disarm is selected, the system is immediately deactivated and no longer armed.
    Emergency situation – Use this mode all of your devices (included interconnection devices) will be triggered.
    Emergency call – Use this mode will call out to your emergency contact instantly. Click here for steps of < Emergency contact set up >.
  • How are Smart Life APP system products secured?
  • Our products are designed and built with your security and privacy in mind. All data communications passed are encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).
  • Device on the APP show disconnection, how can I go back to normal situation?
  • Please check below to see if you could avoid those potential failure mode:

    1. Please make sure the device has been powered on reliably. (If the devices is battery-powered, please make sure the battery power is sufficient.)
    2. Please make sure the device is within the signal range during adding new device. Normally it should be within 25 meters without any blockage in between.
    3. Please make sure Wi-Fi on your smartphone functions normally, otherwise you cannot communicate with the gateway.



  • How many devices can I add to my Smart Life?
  • Each Gateway Controller can connect up to 30 total devices.
  • Does Smart Life require a monthly fee?
  • Absolutely not. Making Smart Life security available and affordable for the many people is our goal.
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